Your Bar & Living Room

Welcome to Vienna’s coziest bar, vibrant living room, and first cocktail club in the city. Come by and immediately feel at home.

We are there for you,

Hannelore is a unique bar concept in the inner city of Vienna, exciting guests with a cozy living room ambiance yet creating the desire to dance and celebrate life. When entering the doors, you find yourself surrounded by green leaves, impressive art, and beautiful people. In this iconic design setting, the city’s most talented barkeepers do their best to keep you hydrated. Coziness with a love of detail, a touch of club atmosphere, and drinks that are so unique that they touch emotionally. A mixture that is hard to put into words.

Some say you can feel a pleasant summer evening breeze at Hannelore, even in the deepest winter.

Dorotheergasse 6-8
1010 Vienna

Di – Sa
19:00 – 04:00

Let's Keep in Touch

We welcome walk-ins of up to three people without reservation. Just come by – we are there for you, always!