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The story of Hannelore.

It’s 2015, and we just opened an inconspicuous door in downtown Vienna. The stairs in front of us lead us deeper and deeper into the underground, away from the city’s busy streets. It’s dark. Dust particles dance in the beam of our flashlight. And no one could have predicted that this abandoned location (later renamed “Horst”) would mark the beginning of one of Austria’s largest gastronomy, club, and hospitality groups. As soon as you entered, you felt the club had its own aura, and yes, we built an environment that could not be obtained through material means.

With our first project, Hannelore made a name for herself. The once dark place has been lovingly transformed into an oasis of emotions where everyone was somehow one with the music played live by the world’s greatest electronic artists. Empowered by our beloved temporary club Horst, where Hannelore served thousands of nightlife enthusiasts as a second floor, it was time to build her own legacy.